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Our Story

Mrs. Shweta Mathur

Director & CEO

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Follow your passion – and if you don't know what it is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find It.” and that's exactly what Mrs. Shweta Mathur, founder of Lick – Press on Nails, did. She discovered her passion and persuaded it further, without any fear and a will to succeed.
She always believed that as a privileged woman, she needed to do something which would help the society at large. From the last 2 years she has been constantly thinking of creating a product line that would connect women from all walks of life.
The beauty industry is one such industry that works directly with women in large numbers. And breaking stereotypes, Mrs. Shweta Mathur, wanted to create an atmosphere where women help other women grow. Something which would be ‘By the women, for the women’. She wanted to be in the midst of the beauty industry, so that she could help each and every woman achieve her purpose by giving her the confidence of looking and feeling good about herself. She firmly believes that women connect very strongly with something that helps them enhance their beauty internally and externally. Because when you feel beautiful you can conquer the world.
That's when she took inspiration from the constantly evolving beauty industry and decided to take the plunge, to start her own company, by the name of LICK – Press on Nails. Mrs. Shweta Mathur’s main motive behind this company was to design a range of products that would make dressing up an easy task for every woman. This would not only save her precious amount of time, but also save on efforts and money spent, and be relatable to women from all income groups.
Lick – Press on Nails, is a ready to use false nails, which is your very own DIY manicure, so that every woman can express her creativity, by painting her nail canvas the way she wants. It is easy to use, simple, chic and a fun product range that help woman gain her buoyancy and take on the world. Lick Nail symbolizes youthfulness and celebration of life. Lick – Press on Nails makes every woman feel sexy, sensual and confident.
With a dream in her eye, a mission in her mind and compassion in her heart, Mrs. Shweta Mathur in on her way in full swing to achieve her own vision, while fuelling the dreams of hundreds and thousands of other women in our country. Going by the mantra of “life is about balance” and “when you are honest, you achieve whatever you want in life”, Mrs. Shweta Mathur is roaring ahead, moulding herself with contemporary times and generation, by productively managing her home and her career, without compromising on any front.
Mrs. Shweta Mathur hopes to give the same kind of life to as many women as possible for which she also plans to set up nail bars and training centers, in the near future, for women who can not only be self-sufficient but also learn and develop new skills.
"Making gorgeous ladies stylish, one set at a time.” Do you want salon-quality nails in a fraction of the time? You’ve come to the right place!